Summer is here and bathing suit season is here as well, making now the perfect time for permanent laser hair removal. Whether you have unsightly back hair, frustrating upper-lip hair or you’re simply tired of shaving your legs, Skintastic has the solution for you. The hair removal technology used at our Uptown Dallas location is second to none in the nation. Here’s what you need to know about permanent laser hair removal before you decide if it’s right for you.

What is Permanent Laser Hair Removal?

We use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Candela Alexandrite laser technology to remove unwanted hair from virtually any part of the body. Theoretically, damaging the hair follicles in the treated area should permanently prevent hair growth. Because of the nature of hair growth though, results vary. Some patients enjoy stable results after three or four treatments, while others require additional treatments to completely eliminate hair growth in the area. At the very least, you can absolutely expect to see an obvious reduction in hair growth, with any stray hairs appearing finer, lighter and overall less noticeable.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Permanent laser hair removal works, thanks to specialized lasers that can target a single spectral wavelength. This allows the laser to target the color of your hair. With a quick flash, the laser’s heat damages the root where most of the pigment, or melanin, is stored. This prevents the hair from being able to regrow. Contrast between skin and hair color is necessary so only the hair attracts the heat from the laser, leaving your skin unaffected by the treatment. This means that darker-skinned clients may not be able to experience the full effect of treatments from our Dallas office.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Mild redness and swelling for a few hours after the treatment is normal, since the heat from the laser may temporarily heat the skin. You may feel as though you have been sunburned for a day or two, a condition that can be soothed with aloe or hydrocortisone cream. It takes up to a month for the hair in the treated area to fall out. Blisters are rare, but they occur more often in darker-skinned patients. Permanent scarring or skin color changes are also rare.

If you live in the Dallas or Plano area, take advantage of our great permanent laser hair removal pricing discount offer at the Skintastic Uptown Dallas location, using the highly-effective Candela Alexandrite laser. To schedule a complimentary (no cost) consultation with one of our medical aestheticians to discuss laser hair removal options, call 972-620-3223. Or, if you have questions about laser hair removal, you can view our Laser Hair Removal FAQ.