Allumera is the latest skin rejuvenation breakthrough for both men and women, and Skintastic is the first medical aesthetics center in Texas to offer this treatment! Here’s the inside scoop you’ve been looking for about this cosmetic dermatology treatment, right from the mouth of a knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon, our very own Dr. Adelglass.

What is Allumera?

The new class of treatment combining medical-grade cream and certain light wavelengths is called Allumera. The light activates the cream applied to the skin to provide the following results:

  • Smoother, more hydrated skin
  • Improved skin texture
  • Healthier looking (and feeling!) skin
  • Reduced pore size

What is involved in an Allumera treatment from Skintastic?

First, a Skintastic cosmetic surgeon applies medical-grade cream to the entire face, spreading it evenly and keeping it away from the eyes. The cream is left to soak into the skin for about an hour, at which point any remaining cream is washed away. Patients can expect to experience a slight prickling sensation during and immediately after treatment.

Next, the cosmetic surgeon performs light therapy treatment, such as Fotofacial IPL. Patients will probably require a total of three light therapy treatments over a period of three months.

Is Allumera right for everyone?

This cosmetic dermatology treatment is available for men and women who want to enjoy a smoother, younger-looking face thanks to the revitalizing characteristics of Allumera. More aggressive medical procedures require an extended recovery time, but Allumera provides a timeless, natural look without the pain or inconvenience of a long recovery.

Allumera is not an over-the-counter product, and it’s not available at the drugstore. To benefit from the desirable effects, patients need to leave the treatment in the trusted hands of a cosmetic surgeon at Skintastic. Our cosmetic surgeons are very experienced in delivering laser and light therapy, and will suggest the right treatment that will work best for your specific concerns.

To schedule a complimentary Allumera evaluation, call 972-325-0010. Be sure to join our Facebook and Twitter community to stay updated on a daily basis about the latest cosmetic trends and procedures!