In a world that’s increasingly visual, everyone wants to put their best face forward. Social media trends have made it impossible to get away from photos—of yourself, your friends, your kids, your neighbor’s cat… And as you age, you may find yourself less and less pleased with your new profile pictures.

The “Facebook Facelift”

A recent Dallas-Fort Worth CBS news story featured our own Dr. Adelglass as an expert on the trend of the “Facebook Facelift.” More and more people are turning to noninvasive cosmetic procedures for help with their looks.

Dr. Adelglass says at least part of the reason for this trend is that people are now confronted more and more often with their own images on social media. Patients come to him with concerns about keeping a youthful, pleasing appearance for friends, family, and even potential employers who use Facebook to learn more about the job applicant pool.

The story was picked up by Chris Jagger, who interviewed Dr. Adelglass on radio station 102.9 NOW. During the interview, Dr. Adelglass made a few points worth repeating here:

  • Experience matters! Don’t rely on that Botox party where “Suzy from accounting” is doing the Botox injections. An experienced specialist understands the underlying muscles and nerves in the face and neck, and how that structure will affect the filler. That kind of knowledge will help you look your best. Rely on dear Suzy to balance the books, not to fix your face.
  • Know your product source. There are some options on the market that aren’t FDA approved substances. Finding a trusted source is the best way to be certain that what you’re putting in your body is not only effective, but also safe.
  • Don’t downplay the importance. In today’s world, it really is important to look your best on Facebook. Portray your best self for business as well as for personal reasons. Employers look at Facebook profiles—not just your friends.
  • Match your profile. Using a photo of you from 10 or 15 years ago as your profile pic can only backfire. What happens when you walk into a job interview and your potential employer was expecting someone a decade or two younger than you? Make sure you match your résumé. It’s important to look at least as good in person as you do on the web. Under-promise and over-deliver, not the other way around!

Quick, easy treatments have become a low-cost, subtle way to look your best online and in person. These subtle but powerful treatments give you a more polished, younger look without changing your own unique face. They’ll take away a line or two, fill out some hollows—you’ll feel more “relevant” again, Dr. Adelglass told Jagger, “not that old, tired, sour look.” Look out, Facebook!

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