Beauty is one of our favorite topics at Skintastic. The beauty industry has created some of the most provocative and colorful advertising throughout the years. Here are some of our favorite vintage beauty ads.

vintage beauty ads
This Palmolive ad is from 1950, and promises a better complexion for your skin in less than 2 weeks. Would you use dish soap on your face today?

vintage beauty ads 2
In 1964, Estee Lauder asked us to “Keep this name on your lips,” with its Swiss Strawberry lipstick.

vintage beauty ads 3
This 1974 perfume ad boasts Joy as “the costliest perfume in the world.” We wonder just how much that would cost today (adjusting for inflation, of course)?

vintage beauty ads 4
We adore this classic ad from Chanel in the 1980s. Making a statement with a simple tube of lipstick, you cannot help but covet this shade of red.

Do you have a favorite vintage beauty ad from days past? Please share in the comments below.

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