Many celebrities have had one cosmetic procedure or another, but most of them will never fess up to it.  Why they think no one will notice the drastic changes these procedures often cause is mind blowing.  Perhaps it is their attempt at secrecy that leads many celebrities into making bad choices when it comes to cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgeons.  With the vast knowledge and years of experience Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass has gained over the years you can be confident that you will be famous with your friends for the job well done on your cosmetic procedure.

When done correctly, lip augmentations will be noticeable but will look natural and sexy just like:

Megan Fox
Paris Hilton
Renee Zellweger
Gwen Stefani
Angelina Jolie

Prior to having a cosmetic procedure at Skintastic, a consultant will sit down with you for an evaluation and listen to what you would like to accomplish with the procedure.  The consulatant will then, based on their extensive knowledge on the many options available to you, determine which procedure will work best for you.

Call us today to schedule your evaluation at either our Uptown Dallas or Plano location and let us make your lips famous!

**Disclaimer, we cannot confirm that these celebrities did undergo a cosmetic procedure because they are not a patient of Skintastic, however based on their changes in appearance can only speculate that they have had a procedure of one kind or another.