Flying this holiday season? We know how important it is to always look your best, even 30,000 feet in the air, but TSA guidelines make it difficult to look great while traveling. Don’t let airport security regulations get you down, with Skintastic’s holiday beauty tips and tricks you’ll be looking fabulous while flying!

Holiday Beauty Tips

TSA Do’s and Don’ts: TSA guidelines allow for liquids up to 3-ounce. to be carried on board. Any liquids must be placed in a 1-quart clear plastic bag to pass through security. Many beauty products can be purchased in travel-sizes. If you are unable to find yours, purchase empty 3-ounce containers to carry a small amount of your favorite beauty products. Lipstick, lip pencils, mascara and powders are all allowed to board the plane with you.

Hair care at 30,000 feet: Altitude can do a number on your hair, leaving a less-than-desirable look when you step off the plane. To combat dryness, use hair powder or even a leave-in conditioner on your hair. Shine paper will eliminate static while keeping your locks looking lustrous. Wrapping your hair in a scarf is another great way to prevent the “travel hair” look.

Avoid the “tired traveler” look: Prior to a long flight, refrigerate pre-moistened cucumber eye pads. Carry them with you on the flight to sooth and refresh your eyes during the flight. Once you arrive at your destination, use the eye pads again to eliminate tired-looking, puffy eyes.

The magic of mascara and lipstick: A tube of mascara, your favorite lipstick and even makeup corrector sticks are a must have for every traveling woman. It’s amazing what a little mascara and a tube of lipstick can do after a long flight.

Drink plenty of water while in air to keep your body and skin hydrated. Though bottled water is not permitted through the security checkpoints, you can purchase water once you are in the terminal. With these travel beauty tips, you’re sure to arrive at your destination with your best face forward.

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