April, 16, 2003, Dallas, TX- People don’t like getting older, and they especially don’t like the toll age takes on their face.  The need to defy the signs of age helps drive growth in the cosmetic surgery industry year over year. Last year, surgeons in the U. S. performed 14.6 million minimally-invasive and surgical cosmetic enhancements, a 5 percent increase over 2011.


Fueling that significant growth is Botox, making it the most popular plastic surgery in 2012 with 6.8 million procedures performed, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In fact, minimally-invasive procedures such as soft tissue fillers, chemical peel, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion increased by 6 percent last year.

To understand why Botox is such a desirable cosmetic procedure we need to understand how age affects our face. By the time we reach our forties, we begin to develop wrinkles and fine lines around our mouths, noses and eyes. Deeper lines and creases begin to show on our foreheads and between the eyebrows. Our cheeks begin to hollow and our lips become thinner.

Cosmetic surgery patients often complain that time has made them look older than they actually feel. They feel like they look tired, like they no longer have vitality and exuberance, even though they feel strong and energetic.

People can’t stop time, but they can eliminate some of the signs of age through cosmetic surgery. However some men and women aren’t ready for more invasive cosmetic surgeries because of their busy lifestyles.

Botox is a perfect solution for people are not ready to undergo invasive facial procedures. This miracle injection relaxes the muscles in the treated area thereby softening the appearance of deep lines and fine wrinkles. Botox can also be used to plump up the cheeks and lips restoring a youthful appearance.

There is little to no pain associated with Botox injections since they are typically performed using small needles, and there is virtually no recovery time. A person can have Botox on a lunch break and be ready to return to work almost immediately afterward. This is the ideal procedure for busy professionals or moms whose on-the- go lifestyle doesn’t permit the longer recovery times associated with surgically invasive cosmetic procedures.

Although the cosmetic surgery industry has been using Botox as a wrinkle smoother from at least two decades, some people have concerns about the safety of Botox injections or fear their faces will become frozen. While these are legitimate concerns, these fears are a slightly overblown, since a skilled plastic surgeon can administer these injections safely to avoid any adverse side effects by balancing the amount of Botox fluid used at each strategically placed injection.

Dallas cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jeffery Adelglass has performed thousands of Botox injections in his Skintastic offices. Over the years he has perfected the technique, giving him the opportunity to become an official training center hand-picked by Allergan, manufactures of Botox.

If you have thought about having Botox, contact the Skintastic office to set up a consultation so you can explore the many benefits of this wonderful procedure.