Surgeons have been using fat grafts in breast augmentation surgeries for almost a century, and, for the past 20 years, it has been combined with liposuction. The procedure’s long history of popularity does not mean that it has not been without its controversies. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons points out that the procedure was plagued by reports of poor retention rates of fat cells.

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These criticisms have persisted until recently when new techniques have emerged that increase the chances of the fat graft taking. This article will introduce you to the basic concepts behind lipofilling breast augmentation.

Lipofilling Offers Patients Some Distinct Advantages Over Breast Implants

Although the two procedures are often made out to be interchangeable with one another, they really offer two sets of results. If you are looking for strictly larger breasts, especially in the upper cup ranges, then breast implants are still probably the way to go. Body contouring is best used to add subtle augmentation that fixes uneven breasts.

It offers a more natural type of augmentation that has the benefit of not placing foreign materials into the body. It is ideal for people who want to have a more symmetrical chest and healthy looking breasts without looking as though they have had work done. If that describes you, then it is time to find a surgeon that offers body contouring in your area.

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New Techniques Help Make Body Contouring An Alternative To Implants

Before this year, breast implants were generally seen as a more desirable breast augmentation technique because it boasted a higher success rate then body contouring. Now, cosmetic surgeons are taking advantage of the healing powers of stem cells during body contouring procedures, dramatically increasing the success rates of the treatments.

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