Botox and other cosmetic fillers are the saving grace to many women who consider this minimally-invasive and inexpensive procedure as one of the most effective way to beat age.


It’s such a popular treatment that it was the most frequently performed and fastest growing cosmetic enhancement in 2012, but it is no longer viewed just as a treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, young women are increasingly turning to the cosmetic filler as way  to prevent wrinkles.

“I had one or two wrinkles starting to come out on my forehead,” Botox enthusiast 23-year-old Claribel Vega, explained to ABC news. “But after the Botox, I didn’t see it at all.”

Vega began her Botox treatments as a way to combat her migraine headaches for which the injections are a very effective treatment, but she learned that the benefits were twofold and told ABC News that she planned on having more injections to prevent future lines from forming.

Vega is among the many young women who are turning to Botox to stop the ravages of time. Of the 6.1million Botox injections that were performed in 2012, 10 percent were performed on women under the age of thirty.

However the majority of Botox patients are over the age of 40 when a person generally begins to notice that time is taking its toll. Both men and women enjoy the wrinkle-busting  benefits of Botox injections, while it was at first used to minimize the appearance those deep lines that form between the eyes and fine lines on other areas of the face, its use has been expanded.

Botox can also be used to give plump up the lips and eliminate fine lines around the mouth that develop with age, because of smoking or sun damage.

According to Allergan, manufacturers of Botox, the FDA gave approval for its use in the cosmetic surgery industry to treat deep lines between the eyebrows. Since that time, Botox has grown in popularity and is now for a variety of cosmetic enhancements and has recently been approved to treat migraine headaches.

The popularity of Botox has exploded over the past few years, so many people whether they have experience with cosmetic surgery or not. It may be tempting for patients to have discounted Botox injections, but this could be huge mistake.

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