iStock_000008661805XSmallWinter’s winds can cause dryness and irritation to your skin. The conditions outside can leave your face and lips feeling chapped. Because of this, and with temperatures dropping – we tend to over-moisturize.  Sometimes, this can leave our pores clogged – and our skin in dire need of exfoliation.

Routine and frequent exfoliation treatments in the winter, coupled with great sunscreen habits (yes! even in the winter…) can help keep your skin fresh and supple – even in the driest, windiest months.

Winterize your skin with with Skintastic’s skin therapy. Treat yourself to:

Oxygeneo Facial

This exclusive treatment improves skin tone and the appearance of your skin. This treatment exfoliates the outer layer of your skin while oxygenating the skin. This lunch hour treatment requires no downtime and after your first treatment you will see significant results. Suitable for all skin tones.

Chemical Peels

First step in starting a chemical peel series, is to visit Skintastic for a complimentary skin consultation to review your current skincare regiment, overall appearance and the needs to improve your overall skin texture.

Chemical Peels remove the top layers of your skin and can create a new vibrant skin appearance. This is a great treatment for removing sun spots, uneven pigmentation and fine lines. Skintastic offers a variety of peels with lighter peels requiring no down time.

Oxygen Facials

Feeling stressed during the holidays? This treatment is the perfect healing tool for improving your skin’s appearance and eliminating skin redness and irritation. With it’s biotechnology formula, it fights the bacteria that causes acne.

During this particular facial, an oxygen mist is released into the basal layer of the skin to improve the skin’s health. Oxygen therapy is used to infuse antioxidants into the skin, and protects the epidermis from sun damage, pollution and stress.

Routine Skincare Is Key

With so many Skintastic Skin Treatments to choose, why not try the Skincentives Monthly Membership? For as little as $59 a month, your Skincentives Membership includes a ton of your favorite treatments – on a monthly basis.  As a “preferred” member at Skintastic – you will also be ‘in the know’ to receive product specials, and service discounts on additional treatments. The program really does cover your favorite treatments such as microdermabrasion, laser hair, medical weight loss and photo facials to name a few.

Additional treatments each month are also discounted: 10% discount on all products – EVERY TIME you visit Skintastic and as an added bonus if when you prepay the entire membership year – you’ll receive 20% off injectables ALL YEAR!

Skintastic offers Three Levels of the program:

Skincentives Basic: includes laser hair removal (face, including lip or chin, front and back of neck or underarms), microdermabrasion, select facials, select chemical peels, Vitamin B12 shots for 3 months, MIC (Slimtastic Fat Blaster Shots for 3 months) and Spray Tan (2 months).

Skincentives Deluxe: includes everything in the Skintastic Basic plan plus additional laser hair removal areas (bikini line, partial thighs, face), Apollo skin tightening on face, and medically supervised diet programs (BMI+MIC) Spray Tan (1/week) Oxygeneo Facial, DermaPlane, and Silk Peel.

Skincentives Premium: includes everything in the Skintastic Basic and Deluxe plans plus additional laser hair removal areas (back, lower legs, chest, full bikini), Photo Facial, Apollo skin tightening on face + neck, or arms, Spectra Facial, Imogen, DOT C02 Fractional/Laser rejuvenation (eyes).

The Best Holiday Gift For ANYONE on Your List….

Give the gift of great skin this holiday – with the perfect gift for ANYONE on your list. A pre-paid membership (contracts are annual) would make any recipient downright giddy: just knowing they can come in – regularly and receive the treatments they love AND look and feel great with routine skin treatments and nourishing medical-grade skincare products.

Call our office for more information on Skincentives – or to purchase a gift certificate this holiday – or to schedule your own complimentary consultation. We’re here for you!