The word is out: Looking good is in.

But is anyone really surprised?

Plastic surgery is certainly nothing new. It can be traced back in history to the ancient Egyptians, when plastic and reconstructive surgery were documented in the correction of broken noses and damaged ears.

And today, with plastic surgery and non-invasive cosmetic procedures on the rise, it’s no secret – at least not anymore – as more and more people now openly talk about the nips and tucks they’ve elected for themselves. The veil of taboo has been lifted, and getting – and admitting to – an elective cosmetic procedure is as accepted a topic of conversation as getting a haircut or buying new shoes.

Last year alone, more than 568,000 people in the United States decided to have liposuction or non-invasive fat reduction.

Because maybe they exercised regularly every day and watched their diet but still didn’t look the way they had hoped in their clothes or bathing suit. Maybe they worked really hard to lose significant weight and needed help with a few remaining areas that weren’t responding to all of their hard work. Or maybe they just wanted to look their best and decided to treat themselves to a finishing touch.

And if you’ve considered liposuction or smartlipo liposuction – whatever your reason – you’re certainly not alone.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, liposuction is second only to breast augmentation in popularity, up six percent in the last year for cosmetic surgical and minimally-invasive procedures.

Liposuction, which removes fat from the body using small, thin, blunt-tipped tubes called cannulas inserted through tiny cuts in the skin, targets specific fatty deposits to help sculpt and tone the body with precision.

The procedure, however, isn’t new. Its origins date back to the early 1900s and today, there are so many readily available and effective options that those considering liposuction can now choose the best approach to target the areas where they’d like to see improvement.

And in recent years, advancements have made liposuction safer, easier, and less painful with one of the most popular options known as laser-assisted liposuction.

At Skintastic we have developed a unique approach to the standard liposuction procedure, Smartlipo. With Smartlipo liposuction we use low-energy waves to liquefy the fat which is removed through a small cannula and is the preferred liposuction method for patients seeking precise, high-definition sculpting while increasing skin elasticity.

Considered minimally invasive as it requires less downtime than traditional liposuction, Smartlipo liposuction results in less bruising and only requires a local anesthetic instead of a general anesthetic, so patients remain conscious throughout the procedure.

With traditional surgical liposuction, Smartlipo, or other non-invasive fat reductions, patients can reshape areas of their body that have not responded well to diet and exercise. Common areas addressed by liposuction include the outer thighs and hips on women and the waist and back on men. The face, neck, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, and upper arms are all commonly treated areas as well.

So if you’re thinking about liposuction, do your research. Take the time to learn about all the options available to you and once you’ve decided what’s best for you, let the professionals at Skintastic help you be your own kind of beautiful.