Ah, the struggle with stubble.

We all wish our unwanted hair would just disappear. Some days, it’s nearly impossible to roll out of bed, let alone wake up even earlier than usual just to shave and worse, do it all over again in a couple days.

And sure, there’s waxing, too. But growing out already unwanted hair to an appropriate waxing length is no picnic either – and that’s not even considering the actual experience of being waxed.

That unwanted hair is a nuisance. The prickle on our legs nags us in shorts, the five o’clock shadow haunts our underarms in tanks, and the back hair and razor burn make swimsuit season, well, awkward.

ENTER: A Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional

The clouds parted, a choir of angels serenaded us and our every wish was granted: “Here. Here is a near-permanent solution for all your unwanted hair.”

Laser hair removal uses a cosmetic laser that has settings adjusted to both your skin and hair type. The laser fires a concentrated beam of light that’s directed at the pigment in your hair follicles, killing the follicle at its root to stop or greatly minimizing its (re-)growth.

That powerful technology makes for some incredibly impressive and long-lasting results, but it also means that if it’s performed by someone unqualified, you could end up with something much worse than a little razor cut – rashes, blisters, burns and even permanent scars.

Because as the popularity of laser hair removal has grown, every Tom, Dick and Hairy (See what we did there?) has tried to carve out a piece of the pie for themselves, offering wholly unqualified and unlicensed laser hair removal services.

In fact, licensing requirements for laser hair removal providers are at the discretion of each state, and some states have no requirements at all. Thankfully, Florida requires that all laser hair removal professionals be licensed, trained and under the direct supervision and responsibility of a physician properly trained in hair removal.

A nationally certified laser hair removal professional receives thorough training before being licensed to perform laser hair procedures. Technicians should also have a broad understanding of different skin types and hair growth patterns to choose the right machine for each client.

Other factors such as menstrual cycles, stress, and the length of each hair can impact the successful outcome of the treatments as well.

At Skintastic, we know it’s critical for people to find a certified laser hair removal professional with the skills and experience to tailor treatment to each client’s individual needs. Be sure to find an establishment that has certified professionals under the supervision of a trained physician and ask a lot of questions.

And when you’re ready to put an end to your struggle with stubble, let the professionals at Skintastic help you “Love The Skin You’re In.”