The facelift is one of the most popularly requested types of facial cosmetic surgery. While once considered the exclusive province of women over 50, they have increasingly been embraced by younger patients as well as men who want to look as young as they feel.

But although a facelift can do wonders to reduce the appearance of sagging skin and fine lines, they aren’t a cure-all, and not everybody is an ideal candidate for the procedure.

So how can you know whether it’s right for you?

What a Face Lift Can Do … And What It Can’t

A face lift performed by a skilled cosmetic surgeon rejuvenates the patient’s overall appearance by minimizing wrinkling, loose skin, and jowls on the mid- and lower face and upper neck.

It does not address concerns in the upper part of the face, such as sagging upper or lower eyelids, nor can it reduce the appearance of prominent nasolabial folds (sometimes called “smile lines”).

Before committing to any kind of facial cosmetic surgery, it’s vital to clearly discuss your expectations with a board-certified surgeon to ensure you’re choosing the procedure best suited to your goals.

What Are Some Alternative Procedures to Face Lifts?

It’s possible that you and your cosmetic surgeon will determine that a face lift isn’t the best choice for you. So what other options does that leave you?

Lots! Depending on which concerns you wish to target, there is a huge range of surgical and non-invasive procedures that can help you to look as youthful as you feel. For those unhappy with drooping upper and lower eyelids, there’s blepharoplasty. Botox can help minimize fine lines and prevent further wrinkling. Dermal fillers can plump the lips and reduce the nasolabial folds that emerge with age. Liposuction can reduce fat deposits under the chin for a more chiseled jawline.

There are also variations on the face lift procedure itself, including “mini face lifts,” which target only the lower face and neck, and non-surgical face lifts in which tensile threads are injected beneath the skin with a syringe.

These procedures as well as many others can also be performed in conjunction with face lift surgery as needed. And no matter which aspects of your appearance you wish to improve, Skintastic is on hand to help you.

Am I A Good Candidate for Face Lift Surgery?

Now that we’ve gone over what a face lift can and can’t do and explored some alternative cosmetic procedures, let’s examine what the ideal face lift candidate looks like.

For optimal results, a face lift patient should have sagging neck and facial skin, a well-defined bone structure, and skin that has retained some of its elasticity. Although occasionally prematurely aging patients seek the procedure, the majority of candidates are women and men between 40 and 70.

Another crucial factor is a healthy state of mind. Patients should have a realistic sense of expectations for the outcome of the procedure, and an understanding that face lift surgery cannot erase signs of aging.

Patients should also understand that no cosmetic procedure can help mitigate any serious psychological disorder related to appearance and body image, such as body dysmorphia. In cases like these, mental healthcare rather than cosmetic surgery is the best solution.

Finally, there is physical health to consider. Depending on what preexisting conditions you may have, medication you take, and lifestyle habits you practice, you may or may not be able to safely undergo a face lift. Your surgeon will be able to help you determine whether your physical health precludes you from the procedure during your consultation.

In particular, smokers are strongly advised to abstain from smoking in the weeks leading up to surgery, and not to resume the habit again after recovery. (Some patients may consider this an additional bonus!)

How Can I Schedule a Consultation?

If you feel you are ready to take the next step and plan a face lift, contact us here at Skintastic. We’ll arrange a consultation in which you’ll meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your treatment options and your expectations and decide together which procedure is right for you.

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Cosmetic procedures are not one-size-fits-all, and individual results may vary.