When asked which part of the body reveals the most telltale signs of aging, most people would logically say the face. It’s certainly true that wrinkles, sun damage, and volume loss are prominently apparent in the face, neck, and chest, but another equally noticeable giveaway can be seen in the hands.

Most of us — even those who invest great care in making sure our faces retain their youthful appearance — give little thought to our hands. But our hands withstand a great deal of punishment: they become dry, callused, and cracked due to work; they’re exposed to sun and the elements; and over time they tend to become veiny and discolored without regular care.

Fortunately, even if you haven’t always given your hands the attention they deserve, there is hope. Here at Skintastic, we offer top-of-the-line hand rejuvenation services to help keep you looking youthful from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers!

How Does Hand Rejuvenation Work?

Hand rejuvenation actually describes a range of procedures, all tailored toward restoring a young, healthy appearance to the hands. It’s less commonly known than many other cosmetic procedures, but it’s no less powerful or transformative.

Let’s explore some methods of rejuvenating your hands:

Fillers & Fat Injections

This involves strategically placing injectable fillers to help even out the surface of the hands, reshaping them, and reducing the appearance of aging. With fat injections, fat is removed from elsewhere in the body via liposuction and re-deposited back into the hands. Both procedures can achieve similar results.


This procedure works wonders on hands with prominent veins. In sclerotherapy, a solution is injected into the veins which turns them white, making them less noticeable. It’s an outpatient procedure performed with a micro-needle, making it virtually pain-free and requiring little to no recovery time.

Laser vein treatment

This alternative to sclerotherapy involves passing a laser over the skin. The laser light causes blood vessels to coagulate so they can be re-absorbed into the body.

Laser skin resurfacing

This is another laser-based procedure in which a special wand is passed over your skin, exfoliating away the uppermost layer and leaving room for fresh, young, new skin to emerge from below.

Skin excision

This involves surgically removing loose skin for a tauter appearance. The procedure is generally performed under local or general anesthesia, and the incision is closed with sutures afterward. Although it’s more invasive than some of the other procedures described here, it still involves minimal recovery time.

These are just a few of the rejuvenation procedures offered here at Skintastic. But before you decide to book one, you should consider whether you’re the right candidate.

Things to Consider

As with any cosmetic procedure, the results of having your hands cosmetically rejuvenated will vary, and long-term success depends on a number of different factors. Here are some considerations:

Do your hands have visible age spots?
Do your hands have uneven skin tone or color?
Are the veins and tendons in your hands very prominent due to volume loss?
Do your hands appear wrinkled and thin?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, and if you are in generally good overall health, then you can probably benefit from one of the procedures outlined above. Afterward, your veins will appear less prominent, and the surface of your hands will look smoother, fuller, and younger.

With that being said, there are a few other things to keep in mind. If you have a history of smoking, prolonged sun exposure, or impaired healing due to conditions like diabetes, you are likely to see less dramatic immediate results, and you may experience a longer than average recovery time.

Depending on the severity of the damage to your hands, multiple procedures may be necessary to achieve optimal results. You may also require more than one type of procedure. Keep in mind that this may entail a longer recovery, and that your hands may appear bruised during healing. You may also find your dexterity somewhat limited.

I’m Ready for Younger Hands!

If you’ve read all the above and you feel that rejuvenation is right for you, contact us at Skintastic to arrange our consultation. Our caring expert staff looks forward to meeting with you and discussing the best treatment options for your particular needs!

Disclaimer: The above article was for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for actual medical care. Please contact us with any questions you may have.