You hear about Botox everywhere.

It is in the news, you hear about it when at gatherings with friends and neighbors, and there are even parties for it.

So, what is the big deal about botox injections, anyway? It is just meant to help you look younger, right?

Well, yes, but there is more to Botox than may meet the eye. What you need to know up front is that Botox is not a good option for everyone, so even if you want to look younger, it may not be the best way to make that happen. You need to check with your medical provider prior to getting any procedure with Botox, just to be on the safe side.

1 – It Is Used Far More Often Than People Realize

As of the year 2015, over 4 million separate procedures were already done. The number has surely risen since then as well. Botox, which stands for Botulinum toxin, was used for medical purposes originally. It helped treat people who had issues with double-vision and similar problems.

The people getting the shots came back reporting that they noticed an improvement in the wrinkles around their eyes, and that is when it took off in a new direction. Also, it has been something men have taken to as well. In fact, men getting Botox injections has risen an astounding 337% since the year 2000.

2 – Only Three Types of Botox Injections Are FDA Approved

While it is widely administered in more places than just three, there are actually only three places that are supposed to have Botox injections. The first is the deep wrinkle between your eyebrows. The second is the crows feet wrinkles that form around the eyes. Finally, the third is to help regulate how much you sweat in your armpits.

These are the only places that the FDA says are safe to put Botox. There are several medical reasons that one could turn to Botox, such as chronic migraines that occur 15 or more days out of each month.

3 – Botox Could Be the Secret Cure for Obesity

During one study, which was incredibly small, researchers found that when morbidly obese people underwent three internal injections of Botox over the course of a single year, they lost incredible amounts of weight.

The injections were put into their stomachs, and their weight started dropping very quickly.

If this study proves anything, it proves that it may be possible for there to be a medical way of helping those who struggle with intense weight issues.

4 – You Need to Be Careful When Getting Botox Injections

Like we said earlier, these injections are not for everyone. Some people will have a bad reaction from the injections.

There are even some people who are allergic to Botox. While this number is small, it is still important to note. You should also know that just because someone says they can inject you with it, does not make them qualified.

You need to get the injections done by someone with medical training specifically on how to do it. If it is done wrong, it can lead to long-term problems, and should never be administered by someone that is not a qualified and experienced medical professional.

5 – Botox Starts Working Quickly But Is Not Permanent

One thing only a few people know is that it literally begins to go to work within a minute of the injection.

However, the results diminish over time. This means if you want to keep the look you are getting, you will need to have it redone. Expect to get a new set of injections regularly, which usually means every 3-6 months, depending on where you had them and how deeply wrinkled the area is.

When Botox is injected into someone by a medical professional who knows what they are doing, the recipient will likely have no problems with it.

Their new look will show up quickly and fade evenly. It just takes finding the right, trusted professional to give you injections so you an get the results you want and need.

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